August 31, 2006

Turn Around (I just don't get it!)

I decided to pick up my wrap around cardigan again from the Debbie Bliss "Easy Knits" book. Remember, this is what my "goal" was for the Knitting Olympics...and this is exactly where I stopped because I'm still confused by the instructions for the collar.

Here is what it says to do:

Frontband and Collar:

Join shoulder seams. (I've done that.)

With RS facing and using US 3 circular needle, pick up and K 112 sts even along straight right front edge to beginning of neck shaping, 51 sts along shaped edge to right shoulder, 40 sts across back, 51 sts along shaped edge to beginning of neck shaping, 112 sts left from edge to cast on edge. (366 sts) (I've done all the picking up.)

Work backwards and forwards in rows as follows- (this will all be done in a 2 x 2 ribbing)

1st row: Rib 209 sts, turn
2nd row: Rib 52, turn
3rd row: Rib 58, turn
4th row: Rib 64, turn

Continue in this way for a further 16 turning rows, taking an extra 6 sts as before, on each row.

Rib 13 rows across all sts.

CO in rib.

I don't understand where my other stitches will go if I am only knitting 52 of the 209, and then so on. Does this constitute short row shaping? (I've never done it, though I do know how.) If any of you knitting goddesses have any idea, please let me know. I'm anxious to get this darn thing done. (The guilt is eating away at me, I tell you!)


jillian said...

I'm almost sure that's short-row shaping, unless there's another technique where you knit less than the whole number of stitches across. It's interesting that she doesn't say wrap & turn, just turn. I just did some socks from a DB book, and it had a short row heel. It didn't call it out in the pattern, it was just there. It wasn't until I read it and started doing it that I said, oh - that's a short row heel. I also ran into problems with holes because the directions just said to turn for all rows, with no indication of a method to close the gaps.

DB is english I believe, and so the directions for such things may not be as literal. I would suggest finding a method for short-rows you like the look of, and then just follow knitting the number of stitches she instructs. I have also heard of mistakes of DB patterns, specifically in a similar kind of collar. This rings a bell with me, but I can't remember where I saw it. You may check to see if there are errata.

Finally (sorry so long!), Nona at nonaknits has fabulous technical posts and here's a link: She did a whole series on different kinds of short rows, scroll down to between April 4 and April 8.

Hope this helps! Good luck!


That's short row shaping.
So... K the specified number of sts only, e.g: K52 (of 209 sts) and turn your work - ignore the remaining sts. Cont until all the sts have been worked. It's like turning a sock heel. You don't need to 'wrap' the sts. PS: Mind you, I haven't even seen the patt - just thought I'd stick my nose in!