March 29, 2007


{ O.K., I'm going to try this again. Last night I posted this, but it ate my post and since it was getting late I didn't want to type everything again. Cross your fingers. And toes! }

K, so the other day I was quite disappointed in the weather forecast. We were supposed to have "storms" Monday night through Tuesday night. I wasn't disappointed that it was going to rain. I was disappointed that it only rained for ten minutes! Ten stinkin' minutes! I was driving back from a Dr. appointment and you could see how dark and foreboding the clouds approaching were. There were a few rain drops. I get home, get settled and look outside and this is what I see:

Yeah, ten minutes later and it's already clearing out! *sigh* Don't get me wrong, I love the warm, spring days where you can throw on a pair of shorts and flip flops. But I ♥ the rain much more. I would fare better in Seattle or London. (I've tried convincing Shawn, but I don't think he's ready to make that kind of move.)

Aside from the weather report, I've been keeping pretty busy. Busy knitting the fronts and the sleeves from the Debbie Bliss Matinee Coat from Simply Baby. Busy sewing the fronts and the sleeves too! (With the help of Debbie at Simply Knitting. The edging is difficult to sew in pattern so she showed me how to do it and I finished it yesterday.)

Here's the shoulder and sleeves, (mind you, the color is totally off...I had to take close ups without the flash):

And a better look at the lace pattern:

And here's Scout in her new duds, (which btw, shows the true color of the yarn):

Debbie Bliss Matinee Coat specs:

Yarn: RYC Cashsoft DK, in Dive, subbed for Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK, uber soft stuff! I ordered three skeins, (compared to needing 4 of the other stuff), which has about 197 yards per skein. I still have enough leftover to make a little hat or headband.

Needles: US 7/6/4/3 for 32 sts=4"

Size: I made the 9-12 month size

Mods: Three needle bind off for the shoulders and I didn't bind off the neck stitches. Instead of picking up stitches along the fronts and neck I did a single crochet along the edges.

Notes: If anything, I would do one extra stitch along the edges of the pattern if you want to do some easy sewing. There is already one, but you would need two to make the finishing easier. Altogether a very easy knit. Took me about a week and a half to do.

Along with some modeling pix from Scout, we took a few of us together though I can't say they are too good because a.) Shawn is not a photographer, b.) I am still feeling like poo from this cold and know I look it too and c.) there wasn't much lighting in the room. But either way, I have a few shots of me and Scout which are very special because I'm usually the one operating the camera:

Besides being busy with her knits and home life, I've done a little bit of online ordering. I saw Grumperina's Uptown Boot Socks from Favorite Socks by Interweave Knits and decided I need to knit that pattern and maybe the other 24 that are in the book too! So I ordered that and Charlene Schurch's, More Sensational Knitted Socks. I have to believe that this book is 100% as good, if not better, than the first. And since the first book is what got me knitting my first pair, well I needed that book too!

So what to knit now? I now have 14 UFO's/WIP's, (I finished one and got rid of another), so I suppose I should work on those? I think I'm going to work on the Cabled Tunic from Vogue Knitting from the Fall 2006 cover. I'm .... that close to finishing the back. Not so close to the front, the sleeves, the finishing...Woe is me! Why do I do this to myself? (Just a great excuse to buy more and knit more, so I can take a "break" from the hard stuff!)


keri said...

What a little cutie (oh and sweater is cute too! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the matinee coat! I'd love to make it for my little girl but I already have so many projects waiting to be made I don't really need to add another one to the list.

You made me laugh regarding the rain... as a resident of the beautiful though rainy Pacific Northwest I am more than a little tired of the rain and I grab onto every molecule of sunshine this time of year like it was my last drink of water!

Your SP10

jillian said...

I second Keri! Love seeing a baby in a handknit. So cute!

Ronikins said...

So. freakin'.cute.

I've been pining over those books myself! Luckily Mother's day is around the corner.

Rose Red said...

That matinee jacket is gorgeous! great job! And your Scout is gorgeous too - what beautiful eyes!

Cecilia said...

What a beautfiful sweater! And a beautiful baby too.

tiennie said...

Scout is too cute! Love the sweater. You're going to love those books - I did!

urbanknitrix said...

The coat is adorable and so is Scout, she is such the model.

Meg said...

The coat came out perfect!! Now I really want to cast on!

I am right there with you on the storms. I love it when it is hot outside and there are big old thunder storms coming. I love the smell of the rain on the hot pavement, the steam that comes up, and the thunder and lightening! Window rattling lightening! I'd be disappointed too.